Kami Buchanan was crowned Miss Nebraska USA 2024 on June 30th, 2024, at The Garden Theater in Omaha, Nebraska.

Kami is going into her third-year as a Doctoral Graduate student in the Counseling Psychology program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As a research assistant for the Class, Equity & Advocacy Research Team (CLEAR) in the College of Education and Human Sciences, Kami contributes to research promoting equitable mental healthcare and education systems. Their work focuses on the experiences of historically minoritized and oppressed communities, examining how systems impact their well-being.

Kami also has an impactful role as a scientist-practitioner in training under Dr. Neeta Kantamneni, engaging in research and advocacy combining multicultural and vocational psychology. Currently, she is a clinician-in-training, with the theoretical approach integrating Narrative therapy and Interpersonal therapy techniques.

Kami's ultimate goal as Miss Nebraska USA is to promote her initiative, "I Choose Me." She aims to travel across Nebraska, speaking to young girls and women about confidence, mental health and physical well-being. Kami plans to organize boot camps designed to support women facing internal and external barriers that prevent them from reaching their fullest potential, using her personal story as inspiration.

She believes that everyone struggles with "birds chirping" in their heads in some way. Being crowned the next Miss USA would give Kami a national platform to expand the work she's already doing. With her education in counseling psychology and dedication to science-driven data, she wants to offer support and knowledge to people all over the country. Kami is committed to sharing her expertise and experiences to help alleviate suffering and inspire others. She wants to connect, inspire and educate people, showing them that they are not alone and that there are paths to well-being and fulfillment.

Beyond Kami’s academic and professional pursuits, she is a fashion model with Develop Model Management in Omaha, Nebraska, and Stewart Talent in Chicago, Illinois. Kami started modeling at the age of 12 and signed with Stewart Talent in 2021, continuing to develop her career alongside her academic endeavors.

Kami believes that finding something that brings you joy is essential. For her, it's walking her dogs, exploring the world through their eyes, or taking five minutes of silence for meditation. She encourages everyone to engage in an activity each day that makes them happy, acknowledging that this varies for each person. For Kami, these activities make her feel clear, grounded, and happy.

Competing for Miss Nebraska USA was Kami’s first experience in pageantry. During her reign, she wants to inspire and educate children, helping them realize that they can achieve anything. Kami is passionate about advocating for mental health and overall well-being, aiming to invest in younger generations by providing them with the essential support and resources needed for their success. If you would like to invite Kami to participate in your event, please complete the appearance request form on this website.


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